How Using Cell Phones While Driving Can Lead to Accidents - Greenville Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

How Cell Phones Can Be Helpful to Document Your Accident - Greenville Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

We spend so much time talking about how dangerous cell phones can be when it comes to things like car accidents that we seem to forget that they can actually be helpful as well. We all know how many problems cell phones can cause at this point, but we just can't seem to put them down. People are checking their texts while trying to drive, they're paying more attention to what's happening on the screens than what's going on in the world around them, and for some people, their personal connections are suffering as a result. Normally, we would want to talk about how cell phones can be deadly, but right now we want to mention some of the ways that you can put that phone to good use.

One of the biggest ways that a cell phone can help when it comes to an injury is the camera. Many of us remember being told to keep a disposable drug store camera in your glove box in case you were in an accident. This tip is mostly obsolete now that almost every phone has a camera app. Taking immediate digital pictures of any damage done to your vehicle or yourself after you were injured can go a long way with your case. You may even be lucky and someone has access to a video of the incident to prove you weren't at fault.

Another way that your cell phone can help is through the location services. Not only can it help emergency responders find you if you need them to, it can help corroborate your statement about your injury. Time stamps, location services, and phone records are all part of the list of things that can be pulled and examined to make sure that you were injured where, how, and when you said you were. The location services needs to be on for this to work, but it certainly can help you build a stronger case.

If you have been injured and believe you have a case against someone because of it, give Wayne Hardee a call. It can be a difficult time for you and your family, but Wayne can help you get the results you deserve. If you have anything that can help your case, including evidence on your cell phone, be sure to let him know. Wayne Hardee can use all of that evidence to get you the compensation you deserve, so call him today!

Bicycle Accidents - Greenville Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Bicycle Accidents - Greenville Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Even though we are getting toward the end of the year, the weather has been nice enough to travel. Whether you have a simple sedan or a fancy sports car, it can feel great to get out on the open road with your favorite music playing as you drive. Another great method of getting from one place to another, if safe to do so, is riding your bicycle. A bicycle helps you work out and is obviously faster than simply walking. Riding your bike can be a great way to pass the time and we always suggest you take advantage of the weather when you can, but you do still need to be very careful.

If you enjoy riding your bike, you've probably done so with cars on the road. While you may follow the rules of the road such as wearing a helmet and having reflective bars or lights, some drivers still don't seem to see you. This can be nerve wracking, even for people who have been riding for years. Unfortunately, drivers keep getting more and more distracted. With things like cell phones being so common now, it can be difficult to tell if the drivers you're surrounded by are actually paying attention to you or not.

A person on a bicycle does not have the same protection from an impact as a person in a car. If a bike is hit, most of the force goes straight to the rider's body instead of to the frame of the vehicle like it would otherwise. While this can be dangerous enough if the car is going slow, when a driver is cruising around 40 miles an hour like many roads are, it can be deadly. Even being hit at 25 mph, which is what you see in many residential areas, can be devastating and leave someone with at least life-altering injuries.

If you were hit by a car while riding your bicycle, give Wayne Hardee a call. He has decades of experience with personal injury cases, including accidents with vehicles. If you cannot come into the office due to your injuries, he will come to you and get all of the information needed to help your case. We know this is difficult and can be scary, but you don't have to go through it alone. Give Wayne a call and see how much of a difference he can make on your case!

How Terrifying Animal Attacks Really Are - Greenville Animal Attack Attorney

How Terrifying Animal Attacks Really Are - Greenville Animal Attack Attorney

While every pet owner likes to talk about how perfect and precious their pets are, the reality is that not every animal is safe. It can be hard to wrap your mind around anyone's house pet attacking someone, but it is unfortunately fairly common. Animal attacks are a difficult situation to be in on either side of the issue. You never expect to be attacked by an animal unless you work in a field that deals with pets or other animals frequently. If you know someone who has been attacked by an animal, you can likely understand how much damage can be done. If you were attacked yourself, you know how truly terrifying it is.

I can remember a case from a few years ago that involved a friend of mine. This friend was walking down the sidewalk in her town when she suddenly heard some scratching. She didn't pay it much mind, but a few moments later a door opened and she saw a blur and then she was suddenly on the ground. Someone had let their dog out without a leash, and the dog decided that it needed to protect the house. This meant that it attacked her and tore into her leg. Unfortunately, the owner wasn't paying attention, so the dog was able to do some serious damage before they came outside and called it back. As you can imagine, she had to have a decent amount of medical attention to repair the wounds.

Animal attacks are frightening because there is no way to rationalize with an animal. You can't talk to it the way you can a human, and it often is so sudden that you don't have time to get away. An animal attack can leave you feeling helpless even after the incident is over. Recovery is difficult enough, but dealing with the owners can be even worse.

If you were the victim of an animal attack, you need a good lawyer on your side. Wayne Hardee has years of experience working these kinds of cases, and knows how to get results. It can feel isolating to be the victim of an animal attack, but you don't have to do it alone. Wayne Hardee can help you receive compensation for things like medical bills, lost wages, and even pain and suffering under certain circumstances. Give him a call today and see how much of a difference he can make in your case!