The Dangers of the Simple Trip - Greenville Premise Liability Attorney

The Dangers of the Simple Trip - Greenville Personal Injury Attorney

When you are somewhere that may be dangerous, odds are that you're going to be more careful. It's only natural to walk a little more cautiously when crossing the street than you would be to cross your own driveway. However, there are some places that you will naturally walk and not pay much mind to because you have a reasonable expectation to be safe. If you are walking around the mall, for example, you can reasonably expect to not end up falling over something carelessly left in the middle of the hall or slipping on a wet floor that wasn't marked appropriately. Unfortunately, sometimes this is exactly what happens.

When you slip and fall and are injured, you can experience any number of emotions. The two most common reactions are ones of embarrassment and frustration. Both are equally valid responses to losing your footing and getting hurt as a result. It is even more understandable if you had no way of knowing a hazard was there. Wet floor signs are often put out if there is a reason for caution, but it doesn't always happen when and where it should. These types of issues may very well be exacerbated if you end up with a severe injury.

While slipping on flat ground and falling may cause you some simple embarrassment, falling down the steps, for example, can do far more than that. Things like spills at the top of a staircase are massive liability issues and not warning anyone is much worse. The property owner and manager has a duty to keep you as safe as can be reasonably expected when you walk onto their property. While they obviously can't protect you from everything, simple problems such as wet floors or uneven steps should at least be noted in an attempt to keep you from being injured.

If you were injured on someone else's property due to an unmarked hazard, give Wayne Hardee a call. He has decades of experience on these kinds of cases and can definitely help you get the compensation you deserve. Situations like these are difficult to argue, so it's always a good idea to have someone on your side who has done this before. If you suffered from a fall that required medical attention, you deserve compensation. Make sure that Wayne Hardee is the one you call when you need a lawyer to help you out!