Motorcycle Crash - Greenville Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle Crash - Greenville Motorcycle Accident Attorney

While they are less common a sight as the weather gets colder, motorcycles are still on the road. It is important to remember that you should always keep an eye out on the road for people on bikes. After all, they don’t have quite as much protection against a collision as anyone driving in a car does. While there are pros and cons to riding a motorcycle, you should always make an informed decision about whether or not you want to ride. Getting on a bike is just as much of a responsibility as getting into a car is, so let’s talk about riding.

You probably know that to ride a motorcycle, you need a special license to operate a motorcycle in the state of North Carolina. To get the learners permit, you must have a full provisional, regular, or commercial driver license. You must also first pass a motorcycle knowledge test, a road sign identification test, and a vision test. If you are 16-18, you must also have parental permission and pass a motorcycle safety course. To get an endorsement to ride, you must pass a motorcycle knowledge test and an off-street motorcycle skills test. These extra requirements are because it is a very different experience between driving a car and riding a motorcycle.

While it takes extra testing to ride a motorcycle, driving with bikes on the road only takes a regular license. It is important for the person operating the motorcycle to know how to do so safely, but it is also important that the other drivers on the road keep their eyes open and actively pay attention to who they are sharing the road with. This is especially true if the driving conditions are less than ideal, such as nighttime or in inclement weather.

If you were hurt in a motorcycle accident, one of the first things that you should do is call Wayne Hardee. With decades of experience practicing law in North Carolina, he knows how to help you get the compensation that you deserve for your injuries. With flexible meeting options, Wayne Hardee Law can come to you in the hospital, care facility, or even your home if you are unable to make it into the office for any reason. If you were hurt while riding a motorcycle because of someone else's driving, call right away and see how much easier things are with Wayne Hardee on your side!

How to Navigate Car Accidents and Insurance - Greenville Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

How to Navigate Car Accidents and Insurance - Greenville Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

Driving requires a lot of steps before you are allowed to get behind the wheel. Depending upon what state you are in there may be more than others, but there are often at least the same basic requirements for most states. These include things like driving classes, practice hours behind the wheel, a written and driving test, and a probationary period with certain restrictions. One of the most important things that are needed before you can be let loose on the road, however, is one of the more expensive factors. I am talking, of course, about insurance.

In order to legally drive, you need to have insurance in some form in most states. Some states require you to insure the driver behind the wheel while others have you insure the car itself so that anyone who drives it is covered. Regardless of how your state insurance laws work, it is needed in the event that you are in an accident and either you are hurt, someone else is hurt, or either car is damaged depending upon who is determined to have been at fault in the crash. So what happens when the person at fault doesn't have insurance?

If you are in an accident and either party doesn't have insurance, there are a few things that change from how you would normally handle the problem. This becomes more complicated the more damage was done or the more severe your injuries were. You obviously need help both medically and financially, and trying to chase someone down so they can take responsibility isn't easy. This is why insurance companies normally do so, but if they aren't viable for any reason, you need someone else to help you out while you recover. This is why you need to know a good lawyer that you can rely on.

Wayne Hardee has decades of experience with accident cases of all kinds, including those where at least one person involved doesn't have insurance. While it isn't the ideal situation, there are still things that can be done to help you out. If you were injured, you need to know that there is someone on your side. Wayne can be that person. He will work tirelessly to make sure that you get the compensation you deserve so that you can focus on your recovery. Give him a call and see how much of a difference he can make in your case!

Hit While Riding a Motorcycle - Greenville Motorcycle Lawyer

Hit While Riding a Motorcycle - Greenville Motorcycle Lawyer

It's summer, and on the highways that normally means one thing above all others: motorcycles are out and about in high numbers. Riding is a great way to get around and normally is a wonderful and safe method of getting from one place to another. Unfortunately, some drivers don't pay as much attention to their surroundings on the road as they should. While this is bad enough if everyone is in a car, if there is someone on a motorcycle, the results can be disastrous. It can truly change your life in an instant if you are hit while riding, and rarely in a good way.

We often see the effects of a bad crash, and we know how much it can impact you even years later. It isn't uncommon for people to still feel pain from injuries sustained through the rest of their lives. This can be due to anything from a fracture to paralysis. When your injury impacts the rest of your life, even if only temporarily, something needs to be done. Accidents often mean that you need to take time off of work at a time when most people cannot afford to do so. Medical bills are not cheap, and the fear of the expense often forces people back to work before they are fully recovered. This is another reason why you should look for an attorney if you were hit.

Something that most people who don't ride don't seem to understand is that while motorcycles are smaller and tend to be more maneuverable, they also leave the rider more vulnerable. A motorcycle rider doesn't have the luxury of seat belts or air bags in the event of a crash, let alone a metal frame to help keep them from hitting the pavement. While most riders will take all the safety precautions they need, such as a helmet, it will only do so much to help keep them safe. This is why you should always have a good lawyer on your side as a rider.

If you were hit while riding, call Wayne Hardee. He can represent you and get you the compensation you deserve for everything from medical bills to mental anguish connected to the crash. We know how hard it is to deal with something like this, but you don't have to do it on your own. Let us help you every step of the way!

Why do drivers disregard motorcyclists?

Why do drivers disregard motorcyclists?

When an accident takes place where a motorcycle is involved, the general tendency is to blame the motorcycle rider. But the fact of the matter is that many motorcycle accidents are caused because of negligence on the part of the driver of the other vehicle in the accident. Very often drivers tend to pay little attention to motorcycles on the road and have little respect for their presence. The outcome invariably results in a horrific accident where the rider, or in many instances the passenger, are seriously injured or even killed.

An Understanding

While motorcycle riders should always wear helmets, protective jackets and clothing, and ride defensively; car, truck, and bus drivers should also realize that they carry a responsibility as well. The must share the road with two-wheelers, respecting their rights simultaneously.

By the Numbers

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Nationwide statistics indicate that motorcycle fatalities in 2010 numbered 4,502 which amounted to 14 percent of all highway fatalities in the year. To be fair, in single vehicle motorcycle crashes, half the fatalities occurred because of accidents while negotiating a turn or at a curve and almost 60 percent occurred at night. Now even though there are high tech motorcycle jackets that will light up at night when they sense or feel the presence of car or street lights, motorcycle drivers and car drivers need to be mindful of their presence and vulnerability even still.

Most at Risk

Because a motorcycle is vulnerable and lacks a protective cover, the motorcyclist and passenger are prone to severe injuries in an accident which could result in paralysis, serious scarring, traumatic brain injury,and/or even death.

Representing the Truth

If a motorcyclist is involved in a collision where the other driver is at fault, he/she should immediately contact a knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney to protect their rights. Invariably the other driver’s insurance company will try to find the motorcyclist at fault or claim that the injuries would have been far less had the motorcyclist been more careful. The objective is to minimize the payout as far as possible. A motorcycle injury lawyer will fight to ensure that the motorcyclist receives justice and a fair compensation if they are truly the victims here.